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Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

As corrugated cardboard products are used for the purposes of packaging and packing foodstuffs, we use special standards to ensure their cleanliness and sterilization. In the last stage of production, these products are exposed to a high temperature by passing them in special ovens to ensure their sterilization in a manner that makes them safe and healthy. In addition, the manufacture of these products is carried out according to high quality standards that ensure their suitability for food use so that their thicknesses and specifications are suitable for preserving foodstuffs.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes have unique designs with angular, circular, or other special cuts, slots, and scores. Die cut boxes can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements with perforated lines, ventilation holes, and access points. 3-Ply & 5-Ply Cartons can be customized with high quality prints.

In addition, Die-Cut boxes are used for Food & Beverage items specially required to keep freezing and provide ventilation. These boxes are made specially for agricultural use where they can protect fruits from humidity alongside being strong enough to hold the fruits. They are designed to be self-locked for easy handling and compacted to occupy the smallest possible storage space.



These boxes are manufactured according to farmers’ needs and can be customized to meet all types of agricultural products. Corrugated cardboard used for this kind of boxes are treated with special materials which provide protection from humidity especially when it is stored in commercial refrigerators and during long distance transportation.

Die cut boxes are shaped to more perfectly fit your product than a standard shipping box. Not only does this minimize the amount of wasted space during shipping, but it saves on the need for excess packaging products – such as foam packaging peanuts to fill that extra space; another factor that can help save you money.


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