Cardboard Rolls 1.0 To 1.8mm

Cardboard Rolls B Flute

The B Flute is ideal for holding canned goods and bottle water producers, widely used for diecut boxes . B-Flute is compressed and appears thinner, but don’t be fooled. It is made with more paper to provide stronger side wall protection from blows and punctures.

Cardboard Rolls C Flute

C-flute is widely used in RSC Boxes , with more air space, also it offers enhanced stacking strength and its highly suitable for transporting glass or any brittle material

Cardboard Rolls 2.1 To 3.0mm
Cardboard Rolls 3.2 To 3.9mm

Cardboard Rolls E Flute

The E flute is perfect for gift Boxes due to its very light weight and Superior printing , surface which makes it number one for high graphic printings.

Cardboard Rolls BC Flute

The BC Flute is the super safe cardboard corrugated box due to the ability to hold either very large or heavy items and it is the ideal choice for housing air conditioning and refrigerators.


Cardboard Rolls 3.3 To 4.8mm
Cardboard Rolls 5.5 To 6.9mm

Cardboard Rolls BE Flute

The BE flute made for an excellent printing surface on the outside and its double walled reinforcement means it provides superior strength for your products inside as well. These types of boxes almost used in agriculture business not only due to its light weighted compared to the BC flute but also for the space saving in the shipping containers.

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