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As one of the top packaging design firms, Look to Liberty Carton to provide the expertise that integrates both structural and graphic design to create your successful package design services program. Our packaging services not only create great looking products, they’re also certain to impress those who receive your products.

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The Paper and Packaging Group of Almashreq Pack continues to strive for excellence by supporting the requirements of our customers to meet their ever evolving needs. To that end, the various divisions of the Paper and Packaging

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The our prices are in line with the high quality that we offer and commensurate with the requirements of each company

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We are committed to deliver applications to our customers in a timely manner and in any place

Almashreq Co. is a very promising Company in corrugated board and fine printing field.
We can do everything related to industry of Carton packaging

Al-Mashreq Co. is a very promising Company in corrugated board and fine printing field, progressing firmly and steadfastly from the local market to the global horizons and towards a prosperous future. This progress was achieved through support and the strong relationship that exit with our clients, importers, investors, banks, employees and workers who have served with devotion and loyalty till we reached this distinguished and prominent position We are proud of all,Based on our continuous objective and commitment to manufacture high quality, strong and fine products, all production steps are well coordinated by our quality control department to guarantee delivery to the clients according to the required specifications. Thus we always Endeavour to acquire the latest updates and the new in the arts of color separation AlMashreq Co. adapted a complete organizational structure, starting with Marketing and Sales Department which has a highly qualified team, a Production Department, with technically and trained staff and supported by best technology in the industrial field

  • To be pioneers in the field of industrial packaging and fine printing and to be the leaders to fulfill our client's needs.

  • To be the pioneers in creating new products, and improving the current products as per our client's needs.

  • Extending long, lasting & trustful relationship between Al-mashreq & its employees,customers & suppliers through a commitment to trust, fairness, understanding & professionalism.

  • Building an integrity and honest work environment. Fostering a sense of belonging, loyalty and security amongst our employees.